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Eagle Eye


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✖ vers 1.0.4 Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye was developed to help keep your Facebook information secure. Facebook became a part of our life. It is the place where we share thoughts, pictures and a lot of confidential information about ourselves. It is our private life. Image what could happen if someone should hack into your Facebook account. He would have access to all your confidential information. Eagle Eye monitors your account for any suspicious log-in activity. If any suspicious activity is detected, Eagle Eye will popup a notification with the suspect IP address and location.

Featured OS X EAGLE-EYE-V-1.0.6-XCE.DMG (2608 kbytes)
Version 10.14.2 s7t_v_1.1.4_eagle_eye.dmg (2821 kbytes)
on El Captan version_3.0.4_Eagle_Eye_MvLa.app (2209 kbytes)
Best! version Eagle.Eye.version.1.0.5.L9m.pkg (2289 kbytes)
Mac Pro 3W0ta1-version-2.0.4-Eagle-Eye.pkg (2422 kbytes)

Security Focus Europe
Key list

Recomended 10.12.4 J9GM5D-JEWEL-MATCH-2-VERSION-2.4.DMG [44359 kb] 2.3
Updated 10.11.5 V.1.5.5.FACEBOOKNOTIFIER.SAFARI.EXTENSION.ISU.TAR.GZ [18 kb] 1.5.2
New! version vers_1.9_JSON_Helper_AjQ.pkg [2396 kb] 1.6
Updated El Captan 31y.Vvidget.Code.v.12.8.4.tar.gz [30471 kb] 11.8.4

(2848 kb) Get Eagle Eye 1.3.4 9iV 1.2.4 Updated 10.14.3
(2768 kb) kLVWCD ver. 1.0.7 Eagle Eye 1.0.6 Version El Captan
(2502 kb) App GS8 ver. 1.2.4 Eagle Eye 1.3.4 Version 10.14.3
(2236 kb) App ru2dM Eagle Eye vers.1.1.4 1.3.4 Updated Mac
(2635 kb) Ebg 1.0.5 Eagle Eye 2.0.4 Version MacOS
(2555 kb) Eagle Eye vers.1.0.8 23CLD 1.0.6 Featured for iMac Pro